Shoe Stretching Solutions

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that became too tight, or, purchased shoes which you fell in love with, they fit fine at the store but a day or so later were too snug for your feet.   Here’s a few tips on how to stretch shoes.

1)  First and foremost try to purchase your shoes in the afternoon when you’re feet are most swollen as you had a chance to be on your feet most of the day.

Tana Universal Shoe Stretch is
an economical method to strech shoes

2) The most economical method to stretch shoes is to purchase a stretching solution like Tana Universal Shoe Stretch .   This works best with leather, suede and nubuck.  You spray the inside of the shoe directly to the tight area.  Wear the shoe a couple of hours to allow development of the contour area.  Tana Universal Shoe Stretch Spray can be purchased at Pearl Street Fine, contact us for delivery.  You can also use the shoe stretch  on the calf portion of boots and gloves which became tight.

3) Local shoe repair shops can expand the length up to half a size, width up to one size and can also expand the instep part of shoe.  They can also expand specific points of the shoe to provide extra room for special issues such as bunions.

Shoe Tree used to stretch shoes at home

4) You can purchase similar hand operated shoe stretchers that the shoe repair shops.  They’re usually made of wood and come in various sizes.

5) Caution:  I heard stuffing damp newspapers inside shoes overnight.  My concern is the print might come off inside your shoes and you might end up with inky feet.  If you try this method please make sure you wipe the inside the of the shoe before wearing

2)  Another caution: I also heard stuffing your shoes with a resealable plastig bag full of water, putting it in the freezer. The shoe expands when the water turns to ice.  Please do not try with expensive shoes.

Whichever method you use, make sure that you treat your shoes with shoe conditoner to restore moisture and wear the shoes soon after they’ve been stretched.

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