Scarves in Summer? Absolutely.  Some think scarves are a winter accessory, however, keep reading and you’ll find out that scarves are a must have accessory throughout the year. You can elevate your style by wearing a scarf over a tank top, dress or jacket.

Scarves have been a very hot accessory for the past few seasons and this summer it’s still going strong.  Scarves are everywhere from pretty botanical prints, sheer fabrics and sharp graphics are practically begging to join your summer wardrobe.

Since you cannot ignore these pieces, it is time to figure out how to incorporate summer scarves into your day to day look. A few inexpensive scarves can expand your wardrobe, giving you stylish options for basics and pulling together unrelated pieces seamlessly.

I brought in this scarf a few weeks ago and it’s one of my best-selling accessories. Its tubular shape enables you to wear this scarf in a variety of ways, comes in a variety of colors and my customers just love it.  The following pictures will demonstrate how easy it is to wear.

Because of its tubular shape you can take this scarf, feed your hand through the centre of the tube and pull a second scarf through it which is sure to provide more interest, and add texture.  Depending on the color of your outfit, you can pull a coordinating scarf through to give it a different look.

Or, once you have your hand through the  scarf, pull it over your head.

I found this great video on U-Tube which shows 25 various ways to wear scarf in 4.5 minutes.  She proves how easy it is to have special looks with scarves and does so in a very entertaining way.


Besides wearing your scarf around your neck, you can also wear it as a:

Belt:  Sun dresses can receive a new look as well when you cinch the waist with a pretty scarf. Try a solid color dress combined with a floral scarf, or a polka dot scarf with a striped dress. Wrap once and let the long length of the scarf flap in the breeze, or double wrap and tuck the ends to create a different look.

On Your Head:  Wrap a lightweight scarf around your hair to hide a bad hair day or keep the strands out of your face as you ride your bike or scoot around in a convertible this summer. Tie it up like a turban or wrap as a simple headband.

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