This Tommy Hillfiger tall boot has been a best seller this year

What makes us love boots so much?  They can make any outfit look amazing.  I took part in a fund raising fashion show this past weekend where I provided shoes and boots for 6 boutiques.  I loved the increased versatility that boots allowed each outfit to have.  They allow you to wear skirts or dresses in cold weather; they can provide a sleek look, a country look, or a more down to earth look.  Hint: boots with beautiful detail aren’t covered up by pants!  Here are a few tips on wearing boots.

When wearing a fitted shape skirt or dress, allow a few inches between your hem and your boot.  When wearing a fuller skirt, make the hem fall just over the top of the boot.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

With a short skirt you can wear a tall boot with high heels or flat heels.  You can also wear tights with a shoebootie.  Whichever you choose you’ll look amazing.

Strut your style with short leather boots

If you want to wear jeans in your boots you have a couple of options.  You could consider the equestrian look.  This provides a more casual look while still looking chic.  Or, you can tuck in your skinny jeans inside a high heel boot which will give you a sleek stylish look.  How much fun is that.

Many women with heavier calves avoid shopping for tall boots because they cannot pull up or zip up the boot.  I’ve been selling these fashionable Martineau boots with an expandable calf and let me tell you how ecstatic women become.  They finally can wear tall boots with dresses or skirts, tuck pants in or just plainly wear tall boots.  There are expandable boots out there, you just need to ask for them.

Tall Martineau boot with expandable calf

And finally the shoebootie, I’ve seen woman wear these with a short skirt and tights, with long skirts, well just about any length skirt.  You can wear them under pants as they will give a cleaner look.  Lace-up short boots provide a trendy look with tights and bunched-up socks. Finally for the daring who wishes to make a nighttime get-ups make a statement and be more playful, couple your evening dress with a bootie.  I’ve seen it and it works.

As you can see, every woman should have a few pairs of boots in their closet.  Here are a few images to generate some new looks for you.  Enjoy.

Steve Madden leather lace up boot

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