tuck aways-purse inserts-organizer

tuck aways-purse inserts-organizer

Looking for a unique gift ideas under $25?

Anyone who owns a large handbag or tote knows the frustration of trying to find items which you know are in the bag, but simply have dissapeared.  Is it me or does this always to seem to happen when you’re in a hurry, and then, you get home and there it is.  I once thought I lost my rings and a couple of months later, when I was looking for my keys, I found my rings hidden deep in a corner of my handbag.

Two years ago I was introduced to this remarkable purse organizer called “Tuck Aways”.  I love showing these to customers, especially the people who love compartments and need organization in their life.   They  discover how Tuck Aways make the most of limited space and how you can easily transfer them from one purse to another.   The other beauty of these Tuck Aways are the selection of stunning colors, which will embellish the purses you already own.   When customers buy one or more for gifts they end up getting one for themselves.

The organizer has:

  • 6 conveniently located inner compartments with lightly elasticized pockets on each end to stow sunglasses and/or reading glasses
  • Generous center space for wallets and hairbrushes
  • Outer pockets, located at each end, are perfect for cell phones,      business cards, pens, etc.
  • A large zippered compartment on the back can be used for cosmetic      items, eliminating the need for a cosmetic bag.
  • The front has an easy-access slip pocket for passports, employee      security cards, etc.
  • An inner key fob, when clipped to a ring on the opposite side, allows      for all contents to be easily moved from one bag to another. This strap      can also be used for added security for handbags and totes with no means      of closure.
  • To keep their shape and effectiveness, the sides are reinforced.      We’ve kept the ends soft to conform to all bag shapes.
  • Since they simply MUST be pretty, they come in satin-inside and      out.

They come in two popular sizes 9″ in length which fits the average handbag, and a larger one which measures 11″ in length.  This is perfect for large or oversized handbags, totes, diaper bags and carry-ons or weekenders. Both Regular and Large are 6.5″ high x 3.5″ in width.

You can contact us and we’ll be happy to ship one or more out to you.

Check out these stunning colors:


f21-taturqsw[1]tuck aways-purse inserts-organizer


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