imagesCAY30KHDHappy New Year! You made it through the Christmas rush and New Year’s Eve.  For months you’ve put a lot of love and time pleasing family/friends and now it’s time to treat yourself.  If you’re like me you’re already tired of the cold, short days.

Let us understand what happens in the winter.  As the days get shorter and colder, we spend more time indoors and are become less active, according to Ashley Solomon, PsyD, a clinical psychologist who blogs at Nourishing the Soul. “We tend to be more sedentary, which we know impacts our level of energy and even interest in activities,” she said.  Our bodies produce more melatonin when the sun sets making us more sleepy.  Our eating habits also change in the winter.

Here are some tips to help you change your perception of winter and bring warmth and light into a chilly life:


adding cinnamon to food also helps control blood sugar levels

1) Cinnamon: Simmer a pot of water, apples, and cinnamon sticks on the stove for a lift. The spicy scent eases stress, helps headaches, and increases alertness.

imagesCADLEREZ2) Flower Power: Grab a bunch of flowers, like gerbera daisies, for your desk or living room. A Harvard study showed that fresh flowers make you feel less anxious.


pilates excercises help strengthen your inner core

3)  Pilates/Yoga:  Exercise is known as a mood enhancer, raising the brain’s levels of serotonin and endorphin. Some of us are bored with treadmills and Stairmasters that go nowhere. Change up your routine.. Try some new classes in Yoga, Pilates or weight loss boot camps. I personally go to Kinetic Physiotherapy in Burlington  The classes are  small and the instructors are able to provide personal attention and will modify exercises if needed.  Get a buddy to excercise with or make new  friends.

Dress warmly and go for a brisk fitness walk. If you can get to the shore, a walk on the beach is peaceful and inspiring.

imagesCAZEPCUE4) Treat your Feet:  Your feet take a beating this time of year. Show them some love with a relaxing pedicure.

5) Sales:  You know sooner or later I needed to plug my store, so here’s my help making you happy.  Winter just really started so get happy at Pearl Street Fine Shoes.  You’ll find excellent sales on your favorite brand named boots such as Guess, Steve Madden, Fugitive, Everybody and Tommy Hilfiger and Martineau at 50% off.  Other footwear and accessories from 30-70% off.

Sunny-day[1]6) Soak up the Sun: Lack of sunlight can trigger a drop in the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, leading to depression—and cravings. Drink your morning cup of coffee outside, work by a window (if you can), and take at least 15 minutes to walk on your lunch break. A well-lit home and office can help, too: Add cool fluorescent lights, the type used in therapeutic light boxes.


scarves add to any outfit

7) Wrap yourself up:  You’ve seen our selection of scarves, so now that the weather outside is frightful or your house or office is drafty, wrap up with our cozy scarves, all at 30-50% off.

imagesCA85UNP08)  Winter Squash: You may have enjoyed luscious farm-stand tomatoes all summer, but now their grocery-store counterparts look pale and feel like mini–medicine balls. But the produce that’s naturally in season in winter is your secret weapon for keeping off the pounds: People who ate the most dark-green and orange fruits and veggies lost the most weight in six months, according to Brazilian researchers.

Hello, broccoli, carrots, kale, oranges, spinach, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, winter squash! They’re all delicious this time of year—so toss them in your cart.

imagesCAU0C79X9) Be Social:  Many people socialize less throughout the winter months,” points out Pottier. But isolating yourself can only worsen those depressive symptoms. Pottier recommends finding reasons to get out of the house, like joining a hobby club or taking a class. Even planning a visit to out-of-town friends – if that luxury tropical vacation isn’t feasible – can help break up the winter.

I found this website quite fun and helpful: Six Green Ideas for Beating Winter Blahs.

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