Harvey's Handbag-tote-treecycle

Harvey’s Handbag Treecycle tote

So what happens to seatbelts which don’t meet automotive standards?  In 1997 a California couple Dana and Melanie Harvey had a great idea to make handbags. I fell in love with these amazing bags and so excited to be Burlington’s distributor.

They have such a wide variety of trendy, durable handbags and accessories.   They include totes, satchels, handbags, baby bags and laptop.  Each bag is made of 100% Authentic Seatbelt, the same stuff you trust your life with, and is held together by NASA grade Nylon thread!  They’re not only stylish but also enviro-friendly.

Color is happening this year so here’s just a few samples of what I’ll be bringing in the store and available for shipping.   Many colors or different styles available.

Harvey's Purse Harveys' Tote purse-SlateHarvey's Tote-RedHarvey's Hobo Purse-brown Harvey's Tote-Mint Harvey's Hobo purse-Stella

And of course we’ve stocked up on everyone’s favorite the “Treecycle purses”

Harvey's Handbag-tote-treecycle

My favourite is the Lola Ruffle Satchel.  This durabe dainty alternative to the classic Seatbeltbag. Vertically stitched seatbelts adorned with ruffles, braided handles, fully lined interior and sleek black nickel hardware.

Harvey's Purse Lola

Here’s the Harvey’s story:

“Hello, we’re the Harveys…contactpage-about[1]

husband & wife, Dana & Melanie. In March of 1997, while installing seatbelts into our 1950 Buick, we had the idea of making Melanie a matching handbag. Everyone loved hers so much, we decided to make more for you.

What started out as a one-car garage operation has since grown into 16,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in sunny Santa Ana, CA. Here, every Seatbeltbag is lovingly hand-crafted using the finest American Made materials.

On the First Friday of every month we launch new styles, colors, and prints… something for everyone! In addition, we’re constantly adding items back to stock. ”

I’ll have stock starting March 1st.  So exciting!!!!!

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