tuck aways-purse inserts-organizer

tuck aways-purse inserts-organizer

Looking for a unique gift ideas under $25?

Anyone who owns a large handbag or tote knows the frustration of trying to find items which you know are in the bag, but simply have dissapeared.  Is it me or does this always to seem to happen when you’re in a hurry, and then, you get home and there it is.  I once thought I lost my rings and a couple of months later, when I was looking for my keys, I found my rings hidden deep in a corner of my handbag.

Two years ago I was introduced to this remarkable purse organizer called “Tuck Aways”.  I love showing these to customers, especially the people who love compartments and need organization in their life.   They  discover how Tuck Aways make the most of limited space and how you can easily transfer them from one purse to another.   The other beauty of these Tuck Aways are the selection of stunning colors, which will embellish the purses you already own.   When customers buy one or more for gifts they end up getting one for themselves.

The organizer has:

  • 6 conveniently located inner compartments with lightly elasticized pockets on each end to stow sunglasses and/or reading glasses
  • Generous center space for wallets and hairbrushes
  • Outer pockets, located at each end, are perfect for cell phones,      business cards, pens, etc.
  • A large zippered compartment on the back can be used for cosmetic      items, eliminating the need for a cosmetic bag.
  • The front has an easy-access slip pocket for passports, employee      security cards, etc.
  • An inner key fob, when clipped to a ring on the opposite side, allows      for all contents to be easily moved from one bag to another. This strap      can also be used for added security for handbags and totes with no means      of closure.
  • To keep their shape and effectiveness, the sides are reinforced.      We’ve kept the ends soft to conform to all bag shapes.
  • Since they simply MUST be pretty, they come in satin-inside and      out.

They come in two popular sizes 9″ in length which fits the average handbag, and a larger one which measures 11″ in length.  This is perfect for large or oversized handbags, totes, diaper bags and carry-ons or weekenders. Both Regular and Large are 6.5″ high x 3.5″ in width.

You can contact us and we’ll be happy to ship one or more out to you.

Check out these stunning colors:


f21-taturqsw[1]tuck aways-purse inserts-organizer


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This Tommy Hillfiger tall boot has been a best seller this year

What makes us love boots so much?  They can make any outfit look amazing.  I took part in a fund raising fashion show this past weekend where I provided shoes and boots for 6 boutiques.  I loved the increased versatility that boots allowed each outfit to have.  They allow you to wear skirts or dresses in cold weather; they can provide a sleek look, a country look, or a more down to earth look.  Hint: boots with beautiful detail aren’t covered up by pants!  Here are a few tips on wearing boots.

When wearing a fitted shape skirt or dress, allow a few inches between your hem and your boot.  When wearing a fuller skirt, make the hem fall just over the top of the boot.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

With a short skirt you can wear a tall boot with high heels or flat heels.  You can also wear tights with a shoebootie.  Whichever you choose you’ll look amazing.

Strut your style with short leather boots

If you want to wear jeans in your boots you have a couple of options.  You could consider the equestrian look.  This provides a more casual look while still looking chic.  Or, you can tuck in your skinny jeans inside a high heel boot which will give you a sleek stylish look.  How much fun is that.

Many women with heavier calves avoid shopping for tall boots because they cannot pull up or zip up the boot.  I’ve been selling these fashionable Martineau boots with an expandable calf and let me tell you how ecstatic women become.  They finally can wear tall boots with dresses or skirts, tuck pants in or just plainly wear tall boots.  There are expandable boots out there, you just need to ask for them.

Tall Martineau boot with expandable calf

And finally the shoebootie, I’ve seen woman wear these with a short skirt and tights, with long skirts, well just about any length skirt.  You can wear them under pants as they will give a cleaner look.  Lace-up short boots provide a trendy look with tights and bunched-up socks. Finally for the daring who wishes to make a nighttime get-ups make a statement and be more playful, couple your evening dress with a bootie.  I’ve seen it and it works.

As you can see, every woman should have a few pairs of boots in their closet.  Here are a few images to generate some new looks for you.  Enjoy.

Steve Madden leather lace up boot

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Jeanne Lottie Red Leather Handbag

Fall is here and we cannot wait for the beautiful color change of the season. Have you purchased your new bag yet?    Red seems to be the color to have to as either an accent piece or, if you feel adventurous you can go red all the way.  Jeanne Lottie has done it again with her exquisite style in purses.  I have the pleasure of selling her purses in my store and customers always come to see what’s new in her collection.

Vita Magazine featured a couple of her season’s red-hot bags.

Elle did a whole spread in their August Issue to illustrate how classic red never gets old. The trick to keeping it fresh? Mixing up textures. Patent, croc, suede and leather…the choices are endless.  Jeanne Lottie’s Red Leather and Ponyhair frame bag is featured in the picture on the left. Two-in-one!

But wait….there’s more

Chatelaine’s issue features another one of Jeanne Lottie’s red bags:  This red frame bag is part of Jeanne Lottie’s vintage-inspired Fall Collection called Retro Lux.! I love the creative way in which the stylist has combined the bold elements and used this bright red bag and leopard-patterned loafers to pull together a look that’s so elegant in its simplicity, and very of-the-moment.

Come visit Pearl Street Fine Shoes and we’ll help you find the perfect red accessory.  Have fun and experiment this fall with Red accessories.  I know you’ll be amazed at how a simple change in color can optimize your look.

Jeanne Lottie Red Leather Frame Handbag

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Steve Madden leather riding boot, a must for all seasons

Most of us have already shown off our stylish leather and suede boots/shoes and many are ready to purchase new ones.   Whichever scenario fits you, you need to make sure you nurture those precious gems. 

I often get asked “How do I remove salt stains”.  First and foremost  before you wear shoes and boots in messy weather, spray them with a water-repellent coating.  There are products which work on both suede and leather, small investment for lasting outcome. Spray again during the season, and after cleaning.  To keep pesky salt lines from forming, take action as soon as possible once indoors:

Don’t let nasty salt ruin your shoes/boots

Leather:  Do this before your shoes dry off.

1)     Mix 1 tbsp of white vinegar with 1 cup of water

2)     Wet a sponge or cloth in the mixture and ring out the excess

3)     Wipe the leather boot and then stuff the boot with a shoe tree or paper to help hold the shape

Suede: Do this before your shoes dry off. 

1)     Brush the suede with a toothbrush or a suede & nubuck brush such as “Tana Dual Action Brush” to remove salt or stains which could be removed

2)     Wet a sponge or cloth in the mixture and ring out the excess

3)     Blot (do not wipe) the boot.  Be careful not to wipe suede, only blot. Wiping away the salt will get rid of the salt, but it will also ruin the nap in the suede

4)     Once dry use a toothbrush or special suede brush to bring back the nap.


Tana All Protector

So don’t fear the element fall and winter throws at you.  Enjoy walking in your fabulous footwear. 

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Scarves in Summer? Absolutely.  Some think scarves are a winter accessory, however, keep reading and you’ll find out that scarves are a must have accessory throughout the year. You can elevate your style by wearing a scarf over a tank top, dress or jacket.

Scarves have been a very hot accessory for the past few seasons and this summer it’s still going strong.  Scarves are everywhere from pretty botanical prints, sheer fabrics and sharp graphics are practically begging to join your summer wardrobe.

Since you cannot ignore these pieces, it is time to figure out how to incorporate summer scarves into your day to day look. A few inexpensive scarves can expand your wardrobe, giving you stylish options for basics and pulling together unrelated pieces seamlessly.

I brought in this scarf a few weeks ago and it’s one of my best-selling accessories. Its tubular shape enables you to wear this scarf in a variety of ways, comes in a variety of colors and my customers just love it.  The following pictures will demonstrate how easy it is to wear.

Because of its tubular shape you can take this scarf, feed your hand through the centre of the tube and pull a second scarf through it which is sure to provide more interest, and add texture.  Depending on the color of your outfit, you can pull a coordinating scarf through to give it a different look.

Or, once you have your hand through the  scarf, pull it over your head.

I found this great video on U-Tube which shows 25 various ways to wear scarf in 4.5 minutes.  She proves how easy it is to have special looks with scarves and does so in a very entertaining way.


Besides wearing your scarf around your neck, you can also wear it as a:

Belt:  Sun dresses can receive a new look as well when you cinch the waist with a pretty scarf. Try a solid color dress combined with a floral scarf, or a polka dot scarf with a striped dress. Wrap once and let the long length of the scarf flap in the breeze, or double wrap and tuck the ends to create a different look.

On Your Head:  Wrap a lightweight scarf around your hair to hide a bad hair day or keep the strands out of your face as you ride your bike or scoot around in a convertible this summer. Tie it up like a turban or wrap as a simple headband.

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Roberto Capucci Fiametta. Classic black pump, suede with reptile detail

Despite the fact that it’s still 34 degrees outside today I already received my first shipment of Fall/Winter 2012 shoes from Florence Italy.  These are Roberto Capucci shoes which I ordered at the February 2012 Toronto Shoe Show.  It seems like such a long time ago but this shipment brought back the same excitement I experienced when I ordered them.   Roberto Capucci’s designs are often described as wearable sculptures and many have said he turns art into fashion.   He absolutely achieved this with these elegant, chic pumps that will beautifully complement outfits and stylishly decorate your feet.  I just love the sexy cut out and the combination of colors and textures.

Roberto Capucci Fiametta, black pump with animal print texture

Roberto Capucci, suede and leather pump

What’s new this Fall and Winter 2012?

Look:  As mentioned above the decor is minimal with concentration on the combination of colors and textures.  Look for combination only two colours in a shoe design.  The color visually divides a shoe either vertically or horizontally, however, the heel or sole calso can be marked out.

Platform:  The platform, which is loved by designers, is still relevant with boots and shoes.  The platform shoes visually lengthen the leg, make it sleeker and add a few inches to the height.

Heel:  This fall winter allows you to dictate the fashion and height of your heel.  The heel varies from a very thin spike heel to a massive stable square heel, which is not only convenient, but also perfect for our roads in winter.

Wedges:  These are still very popular in shoes and boots as they look great and add comfort .  Look for high platforms and wedges.

Comfort:  We’re very fortunate to have the comfort look  in this fall/winter.  You’ll find lots of leather and suede boots with low square heels.

Toes:  Classic sharp toes are back.  Look for shoes and boots with gold or silver finishing off the look.

Here’s a few of many boots that you’ll be able to find at Pearl Street Fine Shoes this fall.

Steve Madden Rain Boot



Steve MaddenTall Leather Boot

Donald J. Pliner Classic Boot with Buckle

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Remembering your first pair of patent leather shoes

Do you remember your first pair of patent leather shoes? Maybe they were the ones you wore to church or saved to put on for a very special occasion. Perhaps you secretly practiced tap-dancing in those precious shiny gems.  Do you now have a stylish patent leather purse or clutch which completes your sophisticated outfit? Let me provide you with a bit of patent leather history so you can better understand the best possible method to care for your lustrous accessories.

Stylish Guess red patent leather classic pump

HISTORY: Patent leather was first introduced to the US in 1818 by Seth Boyden. He wanted to create a version of leather that was waterproof, retained its qualities of durability and possessed flexible texture. The shiny, reflective finish would also have an appearance of a more formal looking shoe. The fine leather was tanned by the usual process followed by the tanner applying a series of treatments of linseed oil-based lacquer coating. Today, patent leather still begins with leather; however, it’s layered with polyurethane and acrylic. The polyurethane provides a hard, shiny, durable finish, and the acrylic provides a more flexible product. When people think of patent leather they usually think of black, however, the leather can come in an assortment of colors.

Tana Patent Leather Care, cleans and protects

TREATING PATENT LEATHER: Start by cleaning the surface of dirt with a soft cloth. Apply a patent leather cleaner such as the Tana Patent Leather Care. This product not only removes the dirt but also restores the shine and protects the finish. Buff one more time. Don’t forget to also care for the heel and sole. If these are not patent leather, use shoe polish to restore the color and protect from the elements.

STORING: When storing patent leather products, make sure they are stored in a box or enclosed container.  This will avoid dust build up which could lead to the loss of shine and the formation of creases.   You also need to ensure that no two patent leather products touch each other, as this could cause scuffs and scratches.  To prevent this separate them with a cloth, tissue paper or wrap them in individual bags.   When storing leather bags, fill them with paper/tissue to maintain the shape of the bag, again this will avoid creases from forming and the bag will maintain its shape.

CAUTION: Avoid cleaning with oily products such as petrolium jelly as oils attract dust and with time will ruin the shiny finish.

dressing up with patent leather shoes and purses.

REMEMBER: Today you can find patent leather sandals, boots, heels, bags and belts.  Make a fashion statement and don’t just wear with formal wear but enjoy this sexy look with your jeans, dresses and shorts.  Make your day shine and have fun with your patent leather products.

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